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Proud moment: Russel Brand completes 15 years of sobriety

Taking a decision to quit the dreadful world of addiction and spending the rest of the life in sobriety is an act of immense bravado. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to return to the mainstream world and survive at personal, professional and social fronts, without depending on any substance. Recovery is a life-long journey, making sincere efforts every single day and consciously choosing sobriety over addiction.

Comedian, author and actor Russel Brand has become an epitome of living an addiction-free life and maintaining sobriety for 15 years. Celebrating his achievement, he recently tweeted, “Fifteen years without drugs and alcohol TODAY. Thanks to everyone, that’s helped me on The Path. Proof that Recovery can work for everyone.” During his Re:Birth show at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham on Dec. 5, 2017, he was his usual gregarious self breathlessly entertaining people. He also talked about his personal life and turbulent relationship with the media, admitting that he has started learning from his mistakes.

‘Real human connections can help break chains of addiction’

Brand started his journey into the glam world as a child artist. He shared that his problems cropped up during his childhood when he also grappled with eating disorders, pornography and sex addiction along with alcohol and heroin addiction. He has come a long way and feels a strong sense of connection with people he can listen to and offer his help to. He has always upheld the belief that addiction is a mental health disorder which has been degraded by the criminalization of the users. He is associated with the Focus 12 drug treatment plan which was used for his recovery as well. In 2013, he hosted the “Give it up for comic relief” concert in order to raise funds for recovering individuals.

His latest book titled “Recovery” talks about getting freedom from addictions. He calls it an anti-self-help book because according to him, addiction is about being self-centered without showing conern for others. According to him, real human connections can help break the chains of addiction where sobriety can thrive.

Life ahead

It is extremely important to understand that what starts as an inquisitiveness can soon turn into dependence and later, an addiction. Hence, trying alcohol and other substances for even recreational purposes can spell doom for a person. Once an addiction develops, the entire life of a person revolves around getting that substance even if one has to pay a heavy price for it. Addiction can rob a person of his physical and psychological health, relationships, finances, social life, career and much more. Additionally, once in recovery, it is indispensable to stay connected to the aftercare programs as these act as reminders of one’s addiction days and reaffirm the truth that recovery is attainable through constant support and connection.

Sovereign Alumni Services is dedicated to providing a continuing support system to our former patients. We have specialists ready to aid our alumni who may be in need during any stage in their life. Our experts follow up with all our alumni on a regular basis to maintain an everlasting bond after they leave our facilities. Once the treatment is over, it is important to sustain and nurture the relationships developed during the course of the program to make the recovery long-lasting, and build mutual trust and understanding. For more information about our recovery management programs and how you can benefit from it, call our 24/7 helpline 866-501-9425 or chat online with one of our representatives.

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