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Now, alcohol-free toiletries for those recovering from addiction

Getting a grip over one’s addiction can be a life-transforming decision for a person addicted to alcohol or any other substance. With recovery, one gets a second lease of life, but one must be cautious because there is always a chance of relapse.

Starting the life all over again can get overwhelming at times which can lead to a lot of distress. Many a times, in a bid to attain momentary calmness, such people might resort to abusing toiletries like hand sanitizers and soaps, for their alcohol content. Over time, this can transform into a full-blown addiction. Keeping this abuse potential in mind, Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team (BOAT) has launched recovery friendly toiletries that are free from alcohol.

The Boat team was invited to talk about heroin addiction and launch their toiletries at Lebanon Junction in Bullitt County, Kentucky. These toiletries are safe for people in detox and recovery. These soaps and bath bombs are expected to help manage withdrawal symptoms as well. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms can be difficult and must seek expert help to overcome them in order to avoid any chance of relapse. “What would happen is a lot of times they would melt the hand sanitizer down and drink it. So that’s why now a lot of institutions will not allow items like that inside,” said Jennifer Punkin-Stepp from BOAT. These toiletries are made of Epsom salt and Himalayan salt and are, therefore, helpful for people dealing with aches and pains during detoxification.

Overdose rescue training

BOAT has always advocated its mission of saving lives from addiction and for this matter; it educated Lebanon Junction about its overdose rescue-training program. Mayor Larry Dangerfield emphasized that everyone should be trained irrespective of his or her backgrounds because addiction does not discriminate. Everybody, including the police officers, firefighters and city council members, learned about the skill of reversing the overdose effects. All the participants received a first aid kit comprising Narcan which reverses an overdose, CPR mask, and gloves.  “You want to use that because you don’t want to swap slobber with people, and a lot of times, when people are overdosing, they’re throwing up and stuff,” said Stepp. Apparently, Stepp had cases of addiction in her own family and her personal experiences made her reach out to people in need through these rescue kits and toiletries.

Road to recovery

In a country being ravaged by the opioid epidemic, the abuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and other toiletries to get high is only adding to the burgeoning problem. The alcohol content in these sanitizers can keep one away from their original substance of abuse, however, it might cause dependency and eventually lead to addiction. It is thus important that people in recovery seek support in their aftercare plans to avoid relapse and fight off any sort of dependence and addiction.

At Sovereign Health, we believe that recovery is a lasting process, and part of The Sovereign Way is to ensure that not every patient is forgotten after leaving our facilities. Sovereign Health’s Recovery Management Program assists its patients in resuming normal lives, maintaining progress throughout recovery and overcoming any chance of relapse. Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services provides chapter meetings, continuing education, life skills courses and more to strengthen the willpower of those in recovery.  Our team works to build extended support systems for all of our former patients. To reach our alumni program, do not hesitate to call 866-501-9425.


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