The No. 1 goal of our alumni program at Sovereign Health Group is staying in touch with patients after they leave our facilities. We know the importance of aftercare within the treatment process and we strive to keep in contact with all of our graduates after they leave our direct care. Recovery from mental illness and drug addiction is an ongoing, lifelong process where individuals will face temptation.The temptation to relapse can be strong and overwhelming regardless of how many years of sobriety the individual may haveJust because individuals have left treatment doesn’t mean they have finished their journey. In some ways, it is just the beginning. Our monthly newsletters are one way for graduates to stay in touch, learn more about recovery, and find out about alumni events around their community.

In addition, there are articles about practical ways to stay sober, interviews with fellow alumni, spotlights on inspiring literature, news about Sovereign Health, resources to recovery groups, and other information useful to a mentally and physically fruitful life.

We are continuously building our alumni program to better serve you, so check back often for new features and content in our newsletter portfolio. Remember, you are never truly alone.