Embrace Ungratefulness: When Gratitude Does More Harm Than Good

Winter is the season for gratefulness. Winter holidays - Thanksgiving in particular - are about celebrating the
good things in life such as family, friends and the ability to eat a large, delicious meal. As it turns out, basking in gratefulness can be healthy...Find out more...

5 Tips To Deal With Negative Emotions In Constructive Ways

Life is not all about fairytales, happiness and unicorns. We are bound to get red with anger and green with jealousy. We are human and will experience negative emotions many times in our lives, but it is important to display those adverse feelings...Find out more...
Exploring Teens And The Element Of Ungratefulness

Adolescence is a period of development that carries a notable reputation. Although it is an important stage of life where a young person will learn lessons and make decisions that will define him or her as an adult, teenagers are typically viewed as rebels without causes. Various developmental experts and studies agree that there is a natural schism between teens and gratitude, but there are some well-supported strategies that can prevent the behavior from worsening.
Teens struggle with appreciation: Dating back to youth culture during the 1960s,the character of the average..Find out more...
Book Spotlight:
When Gratitude Takes Over

Carolyn Flower's commitment to gratitude began in 2013 when her dad passed away. Coming to terms with the life-altering event made her realize the countless blessings in her life she had to be grateful for. Thus, she began living in the moment and being consciously grateful as a habit, not out of circumstance.

"Gravitate 2 Gratitude" is essentially a gratitude journal, penned by Flower in an insightful yet communicative manner. Emerging from the writer's childhood habit of writing a journal, this book has been creatively designed to not just provide the readers with an opportunity to garner positive energy, but to also enable them to write and take notes of their evolving progress during the whole process. 

Flower describes gratitude as the foundation of living a fulfilling life, one that attracts positive energy, thoughts and emotions. Gratitude is typically associated with a specific occurrence, as people eventually head back to their busy schedules and lose sight of their blessings again... Find out more...

Inspirational Story
Patch Adams

Well-renowned actor Robin Williams portrayed a famous clown in the hospitals resulting in smiles, laughter and lifted spirits among many of the patients. He allowed little girls to pinch his big red nose and spent time reading stories and playing with kids who were terminally ill. This character commonly known as Patch Adams is actually a real life person. The real Patch Adams, named Hunter Doherty Adams grew up in Washington D.C. and lived abroad during his father's military deployment. Losing his father to war as a teenager caused him to spiral into a world of darkness...Find out more...
Alumni Spotlight: Crystal F.

What was your life like before coming into Sovereign Health?

It was a crumbling mess that I didn't even realize. I was prescribed pain medicine so I thought everything was okay, but it wasn't, and everyone else noticed but me.

What are the most difficult parts struggling with addiction/mental health?

I had been prescribed the pain medicine for so long (10 years) I didn't even know if I was taking it anymore for the pain or to not be sick. When I came to Sovereign, I called my doctor as I was still prescribed oxycodone and let them know I was self-admitting into rehab.

3. What did you learn during treatment that is most helpful in your life today?

That I didn't need the medication. I can do things that I thought I was unable to do after my surgery.

4. D
escribe how your life is different now. What is the best part of your life today?

Not having to rely on something to feel better.

5. What are some of your goals for the future?        

Enjoying the missed time spend with family and friends, improving my physical appearance and overall just having a happy heart.

6. What would you want to tell other people that are struggling with the same issues right now that you were?

That they are not alone; they have never been the only ones to ever feel that way. But each person's rock bottom is different.
"As long as you're diligent and you have heart behind what you're doing, success will come. You just have to keep marching forward." 
Frank Mir
Location Updates:

Palm Desert: A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in October to celebrate the launch of Sovereign Health Palm Desert. In addition to its inpatient treatment facility, this location's services include a 24/7 crisis intervention program.
Rancho San Diego: Clinical supervisors at our adolescent facility have implemented a new program called Quest Privileges and Milestones. Clients use this to grow within the program and have already begun utilizing its benefits.

White River Academy: Our staff at White River Academy in Delta, Utah, is implementing the Cool Kids program to teach students how to best help their peers coping with mild autism. A new initiative called Positive Peer Culture has also been developed to encourage leadership and communication skills among students. This location is pleased to announce many new staff additions and internal promotions.

San Clemente: Our corporate headquarters in San Clemente continues to expand its staff and office space.

Los Angeles: Our Culver City location is pleased to announce additions to its clinical staff, including Pam Pudewa, MFTi; Heidi Jackson, MFTi; Giselle Herrera, Ph.D.; and Natalie Pujo, Ph.D.

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