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To Hell and Back: A Surgeon's Story of Addiction by Steven B. Heird, MD

Addiction does not discriminate. It affects men, women, children of all ages, people of all races and individuals from all socioeconomic classes. From a mother of three young children who takes Xanax daily to "take the edge off," a 17-year-old girl who drinks a fifth of vodka to numb her mind, a 33-year-old prison inmate who smuggles methamphetamines into his cell to a 45-year-old Wall Street stockbroker who spends $500 per week on OxyContin; they all have one thing in common: They are addicts and they thought it could never happen to them.


The brain's biochemistry and anatomical pathways literally change as a result of chronic drug use, and it becomes extremely hard to break the cycle and get clean. Once clean, it becomes hard to stay clean, and relapse commonly occurs.


"To Hell and Back: A Surgeon's Story of Addiction: 12 Prescriptions for Awareness" tells the story of a successful, board-certified vascular surgeon 

Steven B. Heird, M.D. 


Location Updates

Culver City: Our Culver City facility is in the process of obtaining the proper licensing to open a house on 91st Street, in order to make room for more clients entering the facility on the Mental Health track.


San Clemente: The San Clemente facility is pleased to welcome Dr. Kenneth Miller as our new Psychiatrist. Dr. Miller offers a comprehensive approach from his Neuropsychiatric and bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective that employs his knowledge and experience from over 30 years of practicing medicine.


Rancho San Diego: The Rancho San Diego facility is gearing up for the summer months, as they are looking to hire a lifeguard for their pool very soon. Additionally, cosmetic upgrades have been made to their lunchroom facilities.


Fort Myers: Ft. Myer's facility has received the proper licensing and is now available to accept patients on the Mental Health track.


Chandler: Our facility in Chandler is pleased to announce the promotion of Kristin Anderson from House Manager to Lead House Manager.


Palm Springs: Renovations at our Palm Springs facility are still in the works and should be completed in the upcoming months.


White River Academy: The White River Academy is still seeing a steady stream of new patients rolling in and thanks to recent renovations, they have been able to accept additional students.  

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin L. 


1. What was your life like before coming to Sovereign Health?

Life was a daily struggle of worry and misery; trying to juggle bills so I could pay the dealer and still get high! I had lost my vehicle to my addiction and was feeding an isolation of depression. Life was all consuming and literally killing me slowly.


2. What are the most difficult parts struggling with addiction/mental health?

For me now the hardest part is being around people talking about it, knowing I could get it whenever I want. Fighting the urges is hard and starting life over at my age is a steep mountain to climb.


3. What did you learn during treatment that is most helpful in your life today?

I learned self-respect and changed my thinking about what the ramifications of relapse would be. Rather than being selfish and negative, I learned to respect myself and the ability to make the right choice.


Tuesday May 12, 2015

7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Sovereign Health Group Training Room

1211 Puerta Del Sol

San Clemente, CA 92673


This is a panel with alumni who have walked a mile in your shoes, and have the sole's to show for it. Sovereign alumni return to speak to fellow patients and alumni in a 90-minute monthly panel, sharing their experience, strength, hope and encouraging alumni to become involved through service.

Inspirational Story

Emerging from the Shadows: Brian Cuban's Story of Recovery and Success

Many might be familiar with the successful American businessman Mark Cuban. With an estimated net worth of approximately $3 billion, this investor and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres and Magnolia Pictures, is  also well known for his role on the popular television series, "Shark Tank." Beneath the shadows of this billion-dollar success story is his perhaps lesser-known brother...

Getting in Touch with the Human Spirit


Courage to reveal our human compassion

Courage to reveal our human failures

Courage to reveal our human pain and suffering


It all pours forth in sobs and tears, our fear to become ourselves.

But through the process we discover, we are one and the same, 

flawed human beings on the journey to becoming whole and one.


Like the loving embrace that follows and the regrets and resentments 

that are kissed away in English and Spanish into the darkness.


Written by David Renteria, Father of a Sovereign Alumni

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