Recovery is the first step to living a sober and clean lifestyle. Surviving life after the acute rehabilitation is extremely challenging because you will most likely be surrounded with temptation. It is extremely important to use the tools you learned while in recovery and to surround yourself with a positive social network.

Some individuals who come to our treatment programs have family or friends who create an addictive environment. Sometimes these friends and family members are drug abusers themselves and, even if they aren’t pushing their stash on a recovering addict, the addictive materials may still be present. Sometimes just the presence of a drug can prove too much for a recovering addict.

A negative support system can prove difficult for a mental health patient or a recovering drug or alcohol user. While the role of genetics in certain mental illnesses is important, so is the environment surrounding the recovering addict. Friends, family member, the individual’s residence are all very important factors when one is learning to adapt to the real world outside of recovery. An unsafe home environment and negative friends and family members are common reasons for relapse.

In situations like these, a continuing care program is vital, and we at Sovereign Health Group understand. That’s why we are constantly developing a compassionate and supportive alumni program to help our patients who have completed an acute rehabilitation program and have moved back into the real world. The first months after finishing a rehabilitation program are very tough. That’s why we also recommend 12-step programs or an alternative program and ongoing one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional.

We offer webinars, newsletters, meditations, and resources to helpful organizations and experts. All of these are designed to help both new and veteran recovering addicts stay on the right path. We have hard-working, compassionate people who have made it their goal to assure your continued success in your sobriety. Even if you have been walking the road of recovery for some time or you are just starting your journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To do so, call our 24/7 helpline or navigate to our Contact Us page.