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National Happiness Happens Day: Finding happiness in recovery

Many individuals tend to find happiness in getting high by drinking themselves to oblivion or pumping themselves with drugs. While getting intoxicated may provide temporary pleasure and help evade reality, addictive substances backfire and cause more pain than pleasure in the end.

A happy life is one that is pleasurable, worthwhile and meaningful. Though one may be aware that indulging in addictive substances would not make one’s troubles go away, not many are aware that getting sober and living life is the only way to find true happiness. Nevertheless, happiness in recovery is not elusive; everyone is responsible for their own happiness, even though it may require a lot of work for some.

One needs to remember that recovery takes time and everyone recovers at their own pace. Recovery is not just about quitting drugs or dealing with one’s personal issues; true recovery is about finding how to live a sober and happy life. Following are some tips that can help one find true happiness in recovery.

  • Choose to be happy: While recovery may be hard for some, one needs to consciously choose recovery every single day. Making happiness one’s number one priority is the first step towards a successful recovery. One needs to understand that recovery is a rollercoaster ride with some days passing peacefully and other being unbearable. While the path may be rough, one needs to remember that the choice to be happy is present at all times, and that he/she just needs to choose to be happy and stick to the path to recovery.
  • Appreciate and practice gratitude: Recovery from addiction can be long and tiring. One of the key factors in leading a happier and stress-free life is to be grateful for little things. This can go a long way in building a strong foundation for achieving success in recovery. Appreciating being sober and how far one has come can help put an individual in a positive frame of mind that can help conquer obstacles and face otherwise negative situations more easily.
  • Forgive and let go: Forgiving may be hard but letting go of the pain and resentment of the past automatically makes way for happiness. Holding resentment often limits one’s ability to achieve true happiness, contentment and fulfillment. While ruminating may be agonizing, letting go of the anger and negative emotions associated with past events can help one move on in life and succeed in becoming sober and thus recover.
  • Foster social connections: Feelings of support correlate with happiness. Any social interaction is a chance to create a positive connection. In addition to fostering a positive bond with other human beings, it is important to understand that the company one keeps, plays a crucial role in one’s recovery. Surrounding oneself with positive and loving people helps one get through difficult times. While recovery may be full of challenges, knowing that an individual has a support system consisting of people who love and care, is enough to make him/her happy and stay put on the path to recovery.

There is hope

A life that is full of effective pursuits of happiness makes recovery more rewarding and motivating. While happiness may seem hard to get hold of early in recovery, with ample time and practice, one can learn to find happiness during it.

Observed every year on Aug. 8, the National Happiness Happens Day helps people recognize every moment of joy, delight and pleasure and encourages an individual to be happy. Created to identify and express happiness, the day encourages everyone to acknowledge their happy moments and think about happiness on a daily basis.

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