Recovery from drug addiction or mental illness isn’t a temporary stage of life, but rather a lifelong road that one must continue to walk. Keeping the mind healthy and maintaining sobriety are imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. Daily tasks such as practicing gratitude, going to meetings and taking medications must be met to stay on the road to recovery.

After successfully completing treatment, it is important to seek out avenues of long-term care. Joining recovery groups and reading internet recovery blogs are just a few simple ways to become successful in the long term. These avenues allow recovery veterans to be able to share tips and anecdotes from their own experiences to benefit those just starting out on their journey toward recovery. Mental health professionals can also easily pool the knowledge they have gained through training and field experience to help anyone struggling with recovery. Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services recommends these tips to stay sober and healthy:

  • Remain active
  • Exercise such as sports, running, swimming, yoga or anything that gets the blood pumping helps keep the mind sharp and resistant to temptation. Exercise also releases endorphins in the body to create feelings of pleasure. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to boredom, which can allow the mind to wander and seek out old habits. Staying active and busy is imperative to a healthy recovery.

  • Journal
  • Even if the thoughts are unpleasant, write them down. Journaling can make them feel tangible and easier to handle. It is also a great way to vent without worrying about judgment from others. Write down pleasant thoughts, too, as these can serve as positive reinforcement. Expressing thoughts through the written word can often bring understanding and answers to questions and issues that a person may be too embarrassed to express verbally.

  • Seek out positive influences
  • Even if someone is especially resistant to peer pressure, it’s much easier to stay on the right track with good friends. It’s OK, even necessary, to maintain distance from negative people. Meeting people in recovery is important because it allows you to share struggles and accomplishments with others who understand your journey. You can also seek out advice from fellow friends who have been through this process.

  • Continue therapy
  • A mental health professional after rehab is important for recovery. Seeing a therapist over the long term will help cement healthy habits to have for a lifetime.

    We care about your continuing sobriety and mental health. That’s why we work tirelessly to build our Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services program. A large part of the program is keeping in touch with our former patients by creating newsletters, sharing webinars and organizing events. Our staff is available for support and to make sure you’re on the right path in your recovery.

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