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Kimberley thanks Sovereign for helping rediscover herself

“…it (Sovereign Health) was going to be a safe place for me to go to, I felt safe from the first phone call that I made.” From the moment Kimberly spoke to a Sovereign Health executive over the phone, she felt she was in safe hands… which would take care of her, her needs and vulnerabilities. And she was right. From stepping into Sovereign’s treatment facility to going through all levels of care-based treatment programs, Kimberley was taken care of like family. The empathy and compassion with which all patients were treated, including her, went a long way in helping her recover.

Kimberly, like most people, did not realize when her drinking became a problem for her, leading to a host of other mental health issues. She was like a sponge, absorbing whatever people threw at her, being there for everyone else but not taking care of herself. She realized there was something wrong with her when she could not sleep at night, experienced erratic sleep patterns, did not feel like going to work and did not feel bad about it. Moreover, she started drinking as a coping mechanism.

One day, while watching television, she saw a Sovereign ad talking about how it had helped people overcome their addictions and associated mental disorders. She called the helpline and talked to the admission counselors to know about the treatment program for her friend suffering from mental issues. On finding the counselor sympathetic, Kimberley revealed that the call for herself. What followed the conversation, changed her life. She learnt how to be herself and keep herself mentally healthy.

Kim’s journey to wellness

Before coming to Sovereign, Kimberly was a self-confessed alcoholic and did not care much about her own life. But at Sovereign, she learnt about a number of other coping mechanisms that helped her start life all over again. Now, she is able to enjoy life, her family and grandchildren and is at peace just being herself.

Kimberly was included in group therapy as well as individual sessions. Never having received treatment before, she was a little apprehensive in the beginning. However, she was comforted and content when every day the staff ensured that she would recover soon. The group sessions involved discussions and supported every person in the group basis their needs.

Among all the activities and sessions that Kimberly tried, she enjoyed meditation the most. At first, she did not know how to go about it but once the facilitators helped her understand the process, she felt it was “golden.” This holistic approach to treatment adopted by Sovereign helps maximize the chances of recovery for each and every patient. When asked what would she take away from her experience at Sovereign Health, a positive and happy Kimberly, said, “finding myself.”

Sovereign is there for you

Sovereign Health Group offers high quality and comprehensive treatment programs for addiction, dual diagnosis and mental health problems for both adults and adolescents. We have multiple treatment locations in the United States and our treatment programs specialize in addressing the underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment modalities.

Sovereign also ensures that people like Kimberly who have recovered completely are not abandoned after treatment. Therefore, the Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services offers chapter meetings, continuing education, life skills training and other similar programs to help people stay sober forever. Visit us anytime or call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-501-9425 for more information. We promise to support you today, tomorrow and always. You can also chat online with our specialists to learn more about our alumni program and how to be associated with us.

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