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Jose thanks Sovereign for helping him overcome his addiction to painkillers

“I needed help, I was going down in flames. I would have died the following week, had I not made that decision. So, I made the phone call,” said Jose, talking about his decision to enroll into a drug abuse rehab. The program at Sovereign Health changed his perspective about many things and helped him regain control over his life.

There was a time when Jose was living a life he wanted – married to the woman he loved and being a chef like he always wanted to. However, in 2008, he suffered a herniated disc that made him suffer from constant pain. He was prescribed painkillers for relief, but little did he know that the painkillers would actually lead to his downfall in almost all the aspects of life.

Nobody had told him that the constant use of opioids would make him dependent on them. Jose unwittingly got addicted to prescription opioids, making him seek out drugs from different places once his original prescription ran out and the doctors refused to prescribe more.

Years of opioid abuse started taking a toll on his life. His health and his 11-year-old marriage went for a toss because of his growing addiction. When his wife insisted, Jose tried the Suboxone therapy, but to no avail. He felt useless without the pills and could not tolerate the intense drug withdrawal symptoms. His addiction grew worse and his wife eventually left him.

After eight years of thinking every moment about how to fill the next prescription, a failed marriage, a girlfriend threatening suicide if he didn’t join a drug abuse rehab, and testing positive for crystal meth, Jose realized that he desperately needed help. He decided to go for drug abuse therapy and that is when he came to Sovereign Health. He is glad he joined the Pain Program at Sovereign Health and feels that it was the “best decision” of his life.

A holistic treatment

At Sovereign, Jose learnt and practiced a way of life he was not aware of. The leading addiction treatment facility remedied not only his addiction but also addressed the root cause of his addiction—chronic pain. He was taught therapeutic ways to deal with the pain. This holistic approach to treatment adopted by Sovereign maximizes the chances of recovery for every patient.

Six therapists introduced Jose to different aspects of pain management. Learning more about his condition, strengthened his resolve to gain recovery. Talking about the progressive practice of the therapists, he said, “…everyone had different subjects every time and I was always willing to learn more. I went every day and never missed out on all the information. I am taking it with me as it has made me a better man, a better person.”

Jose attributes his recovery to the untiring efforts of the therapists and doctors at Sovereign Health. They understood that constant pain could impact the mental health of an individual as well. Therefore, while treating Jose for his addiction and chronic pain, attention was paid to his mental well-being also. Moreover, Jose participated in Yoga sessions, meditation and also got to do what was the most therapeutic for him, his passion—cooking. For years Jose had experienced trouble in sleeping. It was only after coming to Sovereign that he was finally able to sleep for eight hours, without cravings or withdrawal symptoms awakening him.

Sovereign is there for you

By the end of his treatment, Jose had managed to give up addiction and improve his physical and mental health. Now, determined not to relapse, he has joined the alumni program – Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services that offers chapter meetings, continuing education, life skills training and other similar programs to help recovery patients stay on the path of sobriety.

If you or a loved one is looking for assistance in their journey of recovery, visit us or call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-501-9425 to know about our alumni programs. Through the spirit of selfless caring, we promise to support you today, tomorrow and always. You can also chat online with our specialists for immediate assistance.

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