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How Sovereign Health helped Dustin in his battle with dual diagnosis

This is the story of Dustin, a young man who was dependent on both alcohol and opiates for a long time. His parents had absolutely no idea about his condition as they used to stay in Hawaii, far away from Dustin. They were shattered when they learnt about his addiction. They didn’t know where to begin from or where to seek help for their son.

It was then that the rehab center where Dustin had been admitted earlier, referred him to Sovereign Health. Though initially hesitant and confused, the family soon realized that Sovereign was the right choice when they found out that it offered a special program for patients suffering from dual diagnosis. Dustin had been suffering from bipolar disorder and addiction issues for a long time. This gave them a ray of hope. They now believed that a successful treatment was possible.

What impressed them further was the family program therapy offered by Sovereign, which the trio attended together. This gave them not only the chance to understand the causes and effects of addiction and see their son recover, but also the opportunity to spend quality time as a family. With time, their bonding became stronger as did Dustin’s recovery.

Holistic approach to treatment

At Sovereign, the needs and requirements of all the patients are assessed before they are enlisted for treatment at any of the designated facilities. This helps therapists, case managers and staff in customizing the treatment plan accordingly. This holistic approach to treatment maximizes the chances of recovery for all the patients.

As Dustin feels even today, an aspect that contributed significantly to his recovery was his admission to the PRIME program. Working as a foreman for more than 16 years had added monotony to his life, which he felt faded away when he got a chance to recover in the company of men his age with similar interests and thoughts. Dustin was able to relate to their challenges the way they could to his plight. This environment of mutual support and understanding helped him sail through even the toughest days with little hassles. There was no looking back for both Dustin and his parents thereafter.

Recovery made easy

Dustin attended the Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experiences (PRIME) program at Sovereign Health’s Palm Desert facility. The program is designed to meet the specific needs of men aged 40 and above who are dealing with mental health illnesses and addiction issues. Today, Dustin is enjoying a sober, healthy and happy life.

At the end of the treatment, Dustin surmised his experience with Sovereign by stating, “I have learned to live in the moment. I was stuck in my head initially about getting back to the facility where we stayed and just going to sleep being depressed or acting depressed. However, with time, I opened up and learned to be focused on my future. I have learned to have a balance in my life.”

Why Sovereign Health?

Team Sovereign leaves no stone unturned and ensures that the patients attain the much-needed recovery even if the process is time taking. Though patients are recommended different treatment programs for varying periods of stay depending on their condition and needs, Sovereign Health ensures a full, healthy and lasting recovery of its patients.

Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services offers chapter meetings, continuing education, life skills training and other similar programs to help the patients embark on a sober journey forever. Visit us anytime or call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-501-9425 irrespective of the completion of your treatment at any of our facilities. Through the spirit of selfless caring, we promise to support you today, tomorrow and always. You can also chat online with our specialists for more information on our alumni program.

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