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Cheyenne Jackson celebrates five years of being sober

“American Horror Story” star Cheyenne Jackson is on cloud nine in his latest social media post as he celebrates five years of sobriety. Jackson achieved the milestone despite the hardships and rough times he faced during the transition. “Over this time I’ve experienced more highs and lows than I sometimes thought I could take. Yet through it all, I stayed sober, no matter what,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Jackson admitted to struggling with an alcohol abuse disorder and seeking medical help in 2013. Initially, his fear of losing his social life post sobriety had prevented him from seeking help from an alcohol addiction treatment rehab. The failure of his colleagues, friends, and family in recognizing his alcohol addiction enabled him to continue as a “high-functioning alcoholic.”

Major setbacks, like divorce from ex-husband Monte Lapka in 2013, encouraged him to focus on recovery and attain sobriety to enjoy and cherish the beauty of life. “I had reached my highest level of potential with the way I was living…I realized, I’m going to be more fun because I’ll do the same stuff but I’ll remember it,” admitted Jackson.

Talking about his journey to sobriety, he said that phase was of life was a rocky ride – personal challenges, like losing friends, family problems, anxiety, fatigue, birth of his “beloved twins”, and the death of his father. However, his determination helped him remain focused. Jackson also mentioned that it was “especially hard” for him as he was a member of the gay community and most of his social activities revolved around bars and parties.

Attaining sobriety is tough, especially for gay people

Sobriety is dreaded by people battling an alcohol addiction, primarily because they perceive the process to be painful and discomforting. However, it is not completely true. Sobriety can become challenging due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but these can be managed with proper medical care and assistance.

Nonetheless, for people of the gay community, attaining sobriety poses a different set of challenges altogether as not only do they have to sustain their identity but also keep their social life alive, which mainly thrives in bars and pubs where alcohol and drugs flow freely. Although, it may come as a surprise, but gay clubs were not established to party but to create an identity.

According to experts, the fear of receiving a backlash from the society forced the members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community to remain silent and closed about their identity in the older times. They could talk openly about themselves and their sexual orientations only at underground bars and cafés. While alcohol became an important tool to help them open up, heavy drinking emerged as a pattern in the community.

Sobriety is possible for everyone

The dangers of alcoholism are not less for people with unconventional sexual orientations. The hazards of the mental disease pose an equivalent threat to all the users, irrespective of their age, gender, community or region. It is important to understand that sobriety can be attained with ease and comfort through medical intervention.

Sobriety is not only about getting clean but staying so for the lifetime. Sustaining sobriety can be difficult, especially when alcohol is common in the circles that one moves in. Hence, at Sovereign Alumni Services, we make sure to follow up with all our alumni on a regular basis to maintain an everlasting bond after they leave our facilities. We are dedicated to providing a continuing support system to our former patients to aid them in their journey to recovery. If you are looking for a similar support system, call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-501-9425 or chat online with one of our representatives for more information.

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