About Sovereign AlumniThe Sovereign Health Group has built a reputation as a positive influence in the lives of patients recovering from addiction, mental health disorders and co-occurring conditions. We’ve accomplished this by continually looking to improve our services and developing effective treatment strategies for our patients. We are committed to individualized care that is supported by clinically driven, evidence-based treatment for our patients. We specialize in providing a cutting-edge program that treats both addiction and mental illness. We diagnose and treat any and all underlying or co-occurring conditions thereby severely diminishing the risk of relapse.

Sovereign Health provides a thorough assessment for each patient, which includes a medical examination, a psychological screening and genetic testing to identify any underlying issues. If any are found, we can use brain wellness training, neurofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation to restore functionality within the specific areas of the brain that are affected.

Sovereign also offers various therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-based therapy or alternative treatments, which include yoga, meditation and equine therapy. We also employ a technique called natural assisted detox (NAD) that speeds up the detox process, reduces the discomfort caused by withdrawal and helps repair the brain. All of these services are meant to provide a well-rounded and effective treatment plan for our patients so they have the tools needed to be successful and healthy in society after they leave rehabilitation.

The Sovereign Health Group is rapidly growing to provide services in as many locations as possible. We have expanded to locations in California, Utah, Arizona and Florida, and plan to provide more locations in the future. Each facility has  a well-trained and multi-disciplinary staff to handle the needs of our patients. Each location provides a safe and calm environment where patients can focus on their recovery instead of the hectic and stressful outside world.

For our alumni, we also offer continuing-care programs, led by a dedicated team of people who are focused on keeping patients connected. We know the importance of a supportive community and the hard work that go toward keeping everyone in contact for the long haul.

If you have questions about our alumni program, please contact us at 866-501-9425 or visit our Contact page.