The Sovereign Way

Our alumni know that the Sovereign Health Group’s dedication to clinically driven, individualized and evidence-based treatments has helped them get back on track in their lives. Most importantly, they recognize that we embrace the treatment of co-occurring disorders, a term used when a mental health disorder and substance abuse issue are both present at the same time in a patient. Often, while the substance abuse disorder is treated, an underlying mental illness will be discovered. Our focus on mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse disorders sets us apart from other rehabilitation facilities. This type of treatment helps us recognize and treat the real cause of the mental illness or drug addiction and, as a result, prevent relapse in our patients.

We believe recovery is a lifelong process, and part of The Sovereign Way is to ensure that every patient is not forgotten after leaving our facilities. Sovereign Health Group Alumni Services offers chapter meetings, continuing education, life skills courses and more to further serve our patients in recovery. Our team works to build extended support systems for all of our former patients. To reach our alumni program, don’t hesitate to call 866-501-9425.



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